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Lottie Element

Excellent for adding light and eye-catching animations to your site. Impressive animations will engage more customers and boost conversation rates.

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Advanced Lottie Options

Bricksable will allow you to harness the power of Lottie to add interactive vector animations to your websites. Lightweight JSON files provide high performance, quality and efficiency to keep your site loading and running fast.

JSON Uploads

Built-in JSON upload option. Simply upload or reference an external .json file and adjust as desired.

Trigger Options

With tons of option available to you. From Trigger, Viewport method to on hover/click. You can do anything you want.


Includes several animation options, allowing you to customize such as Loop it, reverse it and more.

Do More with Lottie Element

Choose from thousands of animations in the LottieFiles library to suit your style and content–and get your viewer’s attention.

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Play On Hover

Animation will trigger on hover and stop on mouse out action. 

Play On Click

Animation will trigger on click action. Get creative with more options.

Playing In Viewport

Animation will start playing when you’re in the viewport.

Trigger On Scroll

Lottie Animation will start playing as you scroll down or up the page.

Better Building with Bricks

Speed up your workflow and your websites with the Bricksable collection
of premium elements

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