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Take the Super-Streamlined Bricks Builder to New Heights

Speed up your workflow and your websites with the Bricksable collection
of premium elements.

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Easy and Intuitive

Bricksable works right out of the box, no coding required. User-friendly, responsive editing and advanced functionality at your fingertips.

Fast and Flexible

With Bricksable you can design beautiful and eye-catching websites even faster.Fully optimized for speed and efficiency.

Reliable and Dependable

With premium support and regular updates, Bricksable  integrates perfectly with the latest versions of Bricks and WordPress.

Rich Features

Five  awesome elements packed into one powerful Bricks plugin. Bricksable takes your design and development process to a whole new level, saving you both time and money with a variety of extra features. Turbocharge the Bricks builder using our easy-to-use elements  and build your next website  better, faster and more beautifully than ever before.

Quality Code

Built with care by dedicated, professional developers, Bricksable has been rigorously tested and verified to the highest WordPress standards. Interfacing seamlessly with Bricks, you’ll enjoy the same feel and performance you’ve experienced in the native Bricks builder elements.


Built with speed in mind–just like Bricks. Bricksable loads only the scripts absolutely required by your design, and you can enable/disable any element in the Bricksable settings.  With no bloat and clean markup, you’ll be building in record time, and your websites will load faster than ever.

Bricksable Elements

14 Essential Elements – One Bricks Plugin – Countless Uses


With nine different flip effects to choose from, you’ll be creating stunning interactive animated content in no time.

Tilt Image

Create unique and inspiring image effects with interactive parallax tilt effects. With hover effects, overlays, and other settings you can design your own unique elements.

Text Notation

Put the focus on the most important parts of your text with an animated hand-drawn look and feel.


Excellent for adding light and eye-catching
animations to your site. Increase conversion and engagement
of your customers.

Icon List

Easily create a bulleted list using the Icon List Element. Display beautiful lists with icons, text or images as bullets for each list item!


Gives you a uniquely better way to showcase multiple images or text on your site.

Better Building with Bricks

Speed up your workflow and your websites with the Bricksable collection
of premium elements

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